Monday, June 8, 2015

Guyan Country Club Spring 2015

From my porch May 7th:

On the course May 31:

Here are some of my favorite photos from Scotland:

The below is from the Necropolis in Glasgow

 This cemetery was later in the trip:

Same Cemetery with Mary in photo:

Where we ate lunch on the Island of Kerrara:

Photo of the castle ruin that we visited that same day:

Two more photos of the same castle:

View from hotel on Isle of Mull:

Sunset photo at Oban:

Several views of Eileen Donan:

Bridge across to Isle of Skye:

View from walk to Fingall's cave:

Graveyard in which Flora McDonald is buried:

View from across the street from the Uig hotel:

Along the road back from Isle of Skye to Edinburg:

Stirling Castle: